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When parents face divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship, they frequently express a commitment to minimizing the impact the split will have on their children. As things play out, however, it is not uncommon for both parties to focus on securing as much time with their children as possible. Without realizing it, cooperation gives way to competition, and children often find themselves in the middle of a bitter battle.

Curtis Holmes, founder of Holmes Law Office, LLC, in Olathe, helps his family law clients remain focused on rational goals and pragmatic solutions regarding child custody. If a child's parents are unable to reach agreement on custody matters, Kansas courts rule according to what is in the child's best interest. Because we believe that parents are far more knowledgeable about what is in their child's best interests than a family court judge, we are committed from the outset to helping our clients resolve custody issues through negotiation and, if necessary, mediation.

A family's circumstances continue to change after the parents' relationship ends. We assist individuals with modifications to existing court orders regarding custody, visitation and support, including spousal support.

Of course, protecting our clients' rights is our top priority. If your child's other parent is being unreasonable regarding custody or visitation demands, we are prepared to advocate aggressively for you in court.

What The Law Says

The court ultimately designates both legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to a parent's right to make decisions regarding the health, education, religion and general welfare of the child. Most often, parents receive joint legal custody. Physical custody refers to the actual amount of time each parent spends with a child.

When determining custody, Kansas courts consider a number of relevant factors, including:

  • The amount of time that each parent devoted to parental duties before the relationship ended
  • The relationship and interaction of the child with parents, siblings and others who may affect the child's best interests
  • The child's wishes, to the extent that they do not conflict with what is in the child's best interests
  • How the child adjusts to a home, school and community
  • The willingness of each parent to respect and foster the bond between the child and the other parent

Every parent is entitled to reasonable parenting time unless the court finds that the exercise of parenting time would seriously endanger the child's physical, mental, moral or emotional health.

How Child Support Is Determined

Child support is typically a monthly sum that is paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. It follows a mathematical formula that is spelled out in the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. The basis for this formula is both parents' gross income, but there are a number of variables that can impact the final amount.

It is critical to enlist the services of a knowledgeable Kansas family law attorney who will guide you through the process and protect your rights.

We Protect Your Interests And Your Child's Well-Being

We understand the concern you have regarding your role as a parent, your bond with your child and your child's welfare. We invite you to call or email us to schedule a free, confidential consultation. We can review the facts of your case, provide a candid assessment and recommend the best course of action. Work with a lawyer who will develop a strategy around your objectives.