Establishing Guardianship In Olathe And Neighboring Cities

In legal terms, a guardian generally refers to someone other than a minor child's parents who is given custody of the child and has legal authority to make decisions regarding education, health care and other important aspects of the child's life. This may occur because both parents are unable or unfit to provide care due to mental or physical illness, addiction, incarceration or other circumstances, or because the parents died.

Guardianship, which also is often referred to as conservatorship, also applies to the authority to care for an impaired adult who is incapable of caring for him or herself. Whether minor or adult, a person who has a guardian is often referred to as a ward.

Establishing Guardianship In Kansas

At Holmes Law Office, LLC, in Olathe, Kansas, attorney Curtis Holmes handles guardianship cases for individuals throughout Johnson County and neighboring counties. We help parents establish guardianship documents as a precaution in the event they die or become incapacitated.

We also work with grandparents and other family members who wish to gain legal guardianship and care for a child if the child's legal parents can no longer do so. It should be noted, however, that if a child's parent or parents are not willing to relinquish the right to care for a child, it is difficult to get a court to approve such a request.

The court may terminate a guardianship if it is determined the ward no longer needs a guardian or if the ward has no impairment and he or she turns 18, the age of majority in Kansas.

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